Safest Online Casino Payment Methods

Many gamblers are concerned about giving their bank and credit card details to online casino websites. There is a reason to be skeptical with all the fraud, hacking, and data theft that occurs each day. Fortunately, there are recommended safe judi bola payment options that you can use to avoid such risks. Remember that each method has its strengths and weaknesses. It is advisable to choose a method that suits your needs.

Virtual Debit Cards

Virtual debit cards are like other debit cards provided by banks. However, they are prepaid and expire after a given period. After you have used the balance on the virtual debit card, you cannot use it again. You can see the reasons why this is a safe online payment method. The good thing about using debit cards is that they are readily accepted by many gambling sites. Also, they create a barrier between the real card and your online casino account. The only issue with these cards is that they do not support withdrawals. This means you will need to provide your real bank account if you need to withdraw your winnings.

Voucher System

playing casinoYou have probably used a voucher in the past. This does not imply shopping vouchers, but vouchers used at online gambling websites. However, there are not many vouchers and not all gambling sites support vouchers. Some payment methods, such as Paysafecard use the voucher system. These are common in certain countries and are considered to be the safest. The good thing about the voucher system is that it ensures your payment details are safe. However, if you lose your voucher that is the same as losing cash.


Many gamblers are now turning to cryptocurrencies as the payment method. There are many online casino websites that accept cryptocurrencies. The common cryptocurrencies used are Bitcoin and Litecoin. You are free to use your cryptocurrencies the way you like. This explains why many casino players are turning to cryptocurrencies especially in countries where online gambling is prohibited. The problem with cryptocurrencies is that they are easy to lose especially when you send them to a wrong wallet.


There are many e-wallets you can try out. These include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, and more. These methods are quite popular for both online shopping and web-based gambling. The good thing about e-wallets is that they are backed by trusted companies and are 100% legit.