Asians Gambling

Why is Gambling Popular in Asia?

One of the places where the online casino is such a booming trend is in Asia. The continent is full of rich millionaires ready to blow some spare cash on online casinos like the mega888 slot game in Malaysia or other online casino sites in the region. While it’s true that western countries also popularize online casinos, but when it comes to cult-like activities, the Asians know it best. The big question is, why are they so damn popular in Asia? Let’s take a look at the answers below:

Asians Believe in Luck


Most Asian countries like China and Japan believe in luck, and gambling is strongly associated with the notion because it is like a flex for them and a social status if someone is perceived as lucky. Asians would want to befriend people who are regarded as lucky because they want to be auspicious as well, so they get close to them in hopes of getting some rub off on them, and the only way to prove their luck is by participating in games that require luck such as slot machine, big or small, etc.

The Government Restricts it

In China and Hong Kong, gambling is restricted by the government and considered illegal activities to make money. Most families also won’t condone gambling, but human nature is rebellious and tenacious. The more you put restriction upon someone, the more they become curious and want to engage in the prohibited activity. This is proven by the big gambling craze in Asia, albeit their prohibition.

Movie Influence and Glorification

From Vegas to Macau

When you look at Asian movies, gambling is a big element most of the time because it is considered something “Asian” and constitutes the culture. It doesn’t matter if the producer is from Hong Kong or Hollywood; the fact is, gambling is often portrayed and has been ingrained in the audience’s minds that Asians love gambling. Just take a look at some of the famous Asian movies depicting gambling as something glorious like God of Gambler, Casino Raider, From Vegas to Macau, etc. You’ll notice that these Asian films have gambling as their central theme, and the main character, most of the time, is a skilled gambler, which gives the audience an impression that gamblers are unsung heroes and gambling is cool.

It Is Their Idea of Entertainment

The Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans all think that gambling in a casino is like paid entertainment. They know that they’re going to lose money with little to no chance of winning, but they do it anyway to have fun with some friends and engage in friendly conversations or meet new people. Part of this can be accredited to casino developers like in Macau, Marina Bay, Pachinko, etc. that made the place to be vibrant and full of energy. So, many Asians believe that going to casinos and gamble is fun and a form of paid entertainment.